Custom Printed Balloons and Napkins Ready To Ship in 24 Hours, Guaranteed.

Our simple 24 hour production Guarantee

• Place your order by 11:00 am PST Monday to Friday for following products, your order will be ready to ship in 24 hours, GUARANTEED!

• Up to 2000 Custom Printed Latex Balloons

• 10 to 200 Custom Printed Mylar Balloons

• 1 to 50 Custom Printed Giant Balloons

• 100 to 5000 Personalized Napkins

Due to Covid-19 restrictions and social distancing requirements, we are not running at full capacity. Orders may be delayed from time to time due to these unforseen circumstances. Please call customer service to state your event date, even if you forgot to mention it on your order, so we can make sure your order arrives on time.

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Colored and custom printed balloons with logos

Few things draw people’s attention quite like a bright, vibrant balloon. A customized balloon does so much more. By putting your name, logo or image on such a focal point, you can truly personalise any event. This is what Fast Balloons offers you. We have been in the business since 1967 and have always been improving our balloon printing services to cater to a wide variety of companies, industries, and events. Since then, we’ve developed our company through high-quality products, fast rate of printing and delivery, and a great stress-free, easy-to-use ordering system.
Imprinted balloons give you the freedom to say what you want to say. This can then be used to decorate an event or usable space, for giveaways, or to promote your business. Over the last 4 decades, we’ve helped thousands of companies and specialists, including:
  • Doctors, Dentists, Pediatrics, Orthodontics
  • Churches and Schools
  • Auto Dealers
  • Restaurants and Hotel Chains
  • Law enforcement
  • Election campaigns to charity events
Custom printed balloons add that extra touch to any event, be it a wedding, birthday, anniversary, or a religious ceremony such as baptism or bar mitzvah. If it’s worth holding a party or reception, then it’s worth getting some unique, personalised balloons to make a truly personal experience.

Wholesale custom balloons and top-notch accessories

Our business currently offers personalised balloons, pens and napkins. We believe that these three items allow any event to have a personal theme, whether it’s formal or informal. We can incorporate text, images or logos onto our products, providing you with a great range of freedom when it comes to adding what you want and getting exactly what you needed.
Due to the unique nature of each product, we produce these items in batches. The good news is that our minimum requirement is only 10 pieces per product (for certain products). This allows us to cater for events and parties, whether great or small. So, it’s up to you to bulk-buy balloons or order just a handful of them.
As for the largest quantity of products you can order, we offer an extensive range of options that allow you to create and ship bulk orders with ease. An example of these include:
  • 2000 printed latex balloons;
  • 200 printed mylar balloons;
  • 50 giant balloons;
  • 100 to 200 personalized napkins.
As you can see, whether you’re planning something large or small, we have the scope and scale of expertise you require. All of this, of course, comes with the same quality and high standards that we offer with every single product of Fast Balloons.

Order custom balloons online and enjoy our exceptional service

We understand how difficult it is to organise any great event, so we strive to make our part of the process as easy as possible. We can fulfil most of the small orders within 1 business day. We also state our quantities, prices and production times on each of the product pages so that you know exactly how long it would take for your personalised order to be produced. Besides, we ensure that our products are always of the highest quality and eliminate the chances of any surprises or delays while keeping you informed of your purchase at all times.
Do not wait until the best products are snapped up. Buy custom balloons cheap and make your occasion exceptional!